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Welcome To The Team!

It’s time to be a part of something special! Here at Vegan Beauty Brands, we’re helping people build their own business through our supportive HQ network and expert beauty team.

The demand for vegan and cruelty-free products is now on the rise, with more and more people switching to products which are good not only for those who use them but good for the animals and the planet we live in.

Take a look at why Vegan Beauty Brands is like no other.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free Products

Here, you’ll find award-winning, best-selling vegan and cruelty-free products from all around the world. We have a team of beauty experts who are constantly looking for the finest products to bring to the website so you’re always guaranteed the best quality.

Join The Family

At Vegan Beauty Brands, we are a family – supporting every member who’s a part of the team. Through our network, you’re able to grow and build your own business as a representative.

Work In Your Own Time

No experience is needed, as long as you have passion for vegan and cruelty-free products, you can work flexible hours to suit you and your lifestyle.

You’re building YOUR OWN business so you can work as much or as little as you like – we support everyone who’s a member of the VBB family.

Rewards and Exclusive Perks

As a little thank you for being a part of our family, from time to time – you’ll also receive rewards, gifts and exclusive perks to celebrate your success as a Vegan Beauty Brand representative.

What We Offer

No Signup Fee. No Contracts.

Representative –  You can become a representative today. Receiving 20% commission on sales over £60 and an exclusive 10% discount code for your family, friends and customers.

Pro Representative – Become a PRO representative today by purchasing an exclusive kit featuring some of our best-selling items. Hand-picked goodies to host parties and kick-start your business. You’ll receive 30% commission on sales over £60.

Bloggers / Influencers – Join us today! Receiving 20% commission on sales over £60, an exclusive 10% discount code for your readers, social media, family and friends. You’ll also receive a small banner advert to place on your blog.

Exclusive Group – You’ll also have the opportunity to join an exclusive group – networking with other bloggers and representatives.

If you’d like to become a part of the Vegan Beauty Brand family – please email us with how you’d like to get involved and we can get things up and running for you to start earning today!

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