Veggie Pret a Manger in the UK


Veggie Pret a Manger in the UK

Have you seen a ‘Veggie Pret’ yet? Well, you’ll be seeing them more often as it’s been reported that Pret a Manger is looking to turn nearly 100 of it’s 400 stores into vegan and veggie outlets.

You can already find vegan options within Pret a Manger however the Veggie Pret will specialise in offering dairy-free snacks and wraps, fruit and veg smoothies, cold-pressed juices, fruit bowls and much more. Just take a look at some of the options below.

  • Almond Protein Power
  • Chakalaka Wrap
  • Chocolate and Orange Pit

The store which is pictured above is in Soho and here at Vegan Beauty Brands – we’ve spotted another making an appearance in the capital, Shoreditch more specifically.

At the moment, there are four Veggie Pret stores – three of them are based in London and one is in Manchester however the company is looking to increase the amount due to the demand they’re receiving.

Vegan Beauty Brands

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