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Vegan News: 24-Hour Vegan Diner To Open In New York City


Vegan News: 24-Hour Vegan Diner To Open In New York City

Here at Vegan Beauty Brands, we love finding out about vegan news around the world and thanks to – we came across this article which we think so many of you will love too!

Dollface – remember the name as this is a 24-hour vegan diner which is going to be opening in New York, in the East Village neighbourhood.

Currently in the early stages, Dollface is expected to open in the now-vacant bar called Virage and this all comes after the vegan restauranteur, known as Ravi DeRossi, filed for a new liquor license.

DeRossi announced his plans back in 2017, discussing his plans to open another 12 vegan cafe’s / diners in and around New York City following the change he made to his 15 restaurants, making them all completely vegan and catering for the rise in demand of vegan cafe’s and restaurants.

A vegan himself, DeRossi has said that the menu at the 24-hour vegan diner will feature a variety of items, including  –  pastries, milkshakes and egg creams, all of which will be vegan.

Like we mentioned, Dollface is in the early stages however this sounds like a wonderful addition to the city that never sleeps. If you’re in New York for holiday, work or even live there – make sure you check it out and let us know.




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