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Why You Should Be Using Vegan, Natural Deodorants

Around the world, we’re seeing a huge rise in vegan, cruelty-free and natural beauty products but what about deodorants? Despite the rise in beauty products overall, it seems that many people are still reaching for deodorants which are easily available on the market, not knowing about the harsh chemicals which are used.

The underarm area is actually quite sensitive – especially after hair removal / shaving. Clothes rub against the skin which can sometimes lead to irritation and blemishes so it’s essential that we use products to look after and protect the area.

Did You Know?The most common antiperspirant ingredient is aluminium. This blocks the sweat glands and the underarm and breast tissue absorbs (and retains) traces of the aluminium which has been linked to breast cancer.

When you’re looking for a vegan, cruelty-free, natural deodorant – remember the following.

Difference Between Antiperspirants and Natural Deodorants

Antiperspirants have been designed to stop you sweating entirely and this is where aluminium comes in to the formulation, blocking the sweat glands.

Natural Deodorants on the other hand allows sweat out of the body but generally, absorbs the moisture and neutralises any potential scent due to the antibacterial ingredients and fragrances thanks to effective and natural ingredients like Kaolin and Bicarbonate of Soda.

With the Evolve Cotton Fresh Deodorant Cream, you receive the pamper factor by bringing a spa-like formulation and scent to your products. The deodorant cream has been specially developed and formulated with some key points listed below.

Shea Butter – Helps to soothe and calm the underarm area after hair removal / shaving.

Vitamin A – Helping to even out skin tone whilst stimulating cells and keeping pores unclogged.

Vitamin E – Known for anti-inflammatory properties, again this is perfect for sensitive skin.

Vitamin F – Rich in omega-6 and helps to maintain a protective layer for your skin. Important after hair removal / shaving.

The Vitamins are all found in Shea Butter which has been used in the natural deodorant cream along with the following.

Coconut Oil – Known for it’s moisturising and protective properties.

Sodium Bicarbonate – Neutralising and anti-bacterial properties.

Thanks to the special formulations, the natural deodorant from Evolve Beauty actually works! Now is the time to look at alternative products and invest in your skincare and body-care items.

Take a look at the best-selling Cotton Fresh Natural Deodorant Cream which works with your skin and body – soothing and providing a fresh, natural, delicate fragrance which lasts all day.

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  1. January 11, 2019 / 2:15 pm

    This is quite interesting I would definitely start doing more research on cruelty-free deodorant and switch my hygiene routine into more cruelty-free.